Friday, 13 September 2013

Initiative of professional photographers to save tourism

Al Watan Newspaper -

Activating Domestic tourism is the solution
Cairo - Sarah Noureldin Fri 09th of September 2013

The Tourism in Egypt have been suffering after the January revolution and it's subsequent events , but the harshest of those times were in these days under the declaration of a state of war against terrorism.

Many appeals launched by the government of Dr. Hazem El-Beblawi to bring tourism companies to the country, but they apparently did not come to fruition. The Minister of Tourism Hisham Zazoua, launched a campaign to support internal travel to Sharm el-Sheikh, including airline tickets and accommodation, but the most successful initiatives were from the youth of the Egyptian revolution.

After the revolution of 2011 a number of professional photographers launched a campaign to activate tourism and they have made a lot of achievements to support the touristic areas and archaeological sites in Cairo and other provinces.
Between El Moeez Street in the heart of The Old Cairo to Alexandria in the northern coast to Aswan in the far south of Egypt, this campaign was leading dozens of Egyptian citizens to support tourism instead of traveling out of the country, their latest trips were to the city of Marsa Matrouh.

Mohammed El Najjar, the founder of the Campaign to support domestic tourism says that he does not work in the field of tourism but being a photographer was the reason for him to visit several areas in different parts of the country, there he thought of bringing Egyptian citizens to see the beauty and the history of their own country.

El Najjar said "the current Egyptian situation has been exported to the world as bloodshed and instability, this is not true. We go out and travel and get to very beautiful places, I travel through the desert roads and farms and did not face any security incident."

"We want to promote facts and reality, Egypt very large and diverse, and if the images of demonstrations or revolution are big, it is just part of the big realty".

Ahmed Fouad, a diving instructors from Marsa Alam in the Red Sea have welcomed the idea of activating internal tourism as a temporary solution to the current crisis, knowing that it will not have big effect on the diving industry due to the limited number of Recreational Egyptian Divers.

Fouad also said " Marsa Alam and the Red Sea in general expensive and many Egyptian youth can't afford it" Pointing to the need for a state strategy to save what can be saved in the field of tourism.

 The diving instructor said that the country is still running in circles since three years . and continued: "During the 25th of January 2011 revolution there were tourists who did not leave the Red Sea. They were feeling safe and secure and they were supporting people's demands for democracy. But now what is promoted through media machine is a civil war in Egypt, In addition to that the Muslim Brotherhood and their practices, and the Egyptian government, who keep extending the state of emergency and a curfew."

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