Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mohamed El Mekkawi

"A free dive is like a beautiful period of your life, that you wish it lasts longer."  
Mohamed El Mekkawi 2013

Mohamed was born in the 1981 in Libya, He grows up in El Mansoura – Egypt and he finished his study by achieving the Bachelor degree in Physical Education – Swimming training specialist.

Mohamed has succeeded to make a new AIDA ranked Egyptian records in 2 swimming pool disciplines, Static apnea 5:54min and Dynamic without fins 50m. Also, He got a Gold medal first class in AIDA Cyprus pool games competition.

Mohamed during the AIDA Cyprus pool games competition
I asked Mohamed, When did he started Free diving and how? he says " I started when i was 6 years old, when my father taught me how to swim, I used to swim as far as i could, then i started to hold my breath and dive to take a closer look at the fish.

When I was a kid, I was really good at holding my breath and I had no idea about Free diving! My parents were always proud of it and they have always encouraged me.
In 2009 I was able to hold my breath for 4 minutes and dive to 35m without any official training or knowledge. 
I started taking free diving courses and professional training in December 2012 in Dahab, Egypt. i am also PADI IDC Staff Instructor."

Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris
Mohamed have been working in the diving industry since 2003. and he had to face the obstacle of growing up away from the sea,  which delays his dream of becoming a professional diver. 

Mohamed also said that the most difficult part was the high prices of diving courses which he was not able to afford, but he always knew his goals and worked hard to achieve them.

Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris
Mohamed is now a Champion, and his next goal is to get his training routine harder, in order to make new Egyptian records in the upcoming Freediving disciplines.

Mohamed's biggest dream is to build up an Egyptian Free Diving Team, and to do his best as a team member to honor his beloved country Egypt.

As an SSI Free Diving instructor, He started his own project in Cyprus at his own Free diving School. where he teach and train new free divers.

Photographer: Cyprus Underwater Photography
Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris
Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris
Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris

Photographer: Epaminondas Pouris
I asked Mohamed if he ever want to come back to Egypt. He says" Of course, I would love to go back and teach freediving in Egypt. Teaching freediving in Egypt is my goal.Specially because Egypt has many beautiful places to live and to dive in. I’ll knock every door I can to bring freediving to the Egyptian people and to encourage tourists to come back to enjoy the marine life in Egypt in more simple, free, serene and peaceful way."

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