Monday, 20 February 2012

The Mosque of Shaykh al-Farran

The Minaret - Photo by/ Ahmed F.Gad
Old portrait of the Mosque of Shaykh al-Farran - Le Description de l'Egypte Digital Collection
This mosque, named after Shaykh al- Farran, is among the oldest in Qusair. A plaque on it’s minaret gives the date 1116 AH (1704 AD). The Shaykh was revered as patron saint for Muslim sailors on the Red Sea, but little is known of the man himself.
A native of what is now Saudi Arabia, he passé through the area with many visitors, settlers, pilgrims, Arab and Indian cosmopolitan place in the eighteenth century.
More than twenty other pious men from distant countries such as India, Morocco, Somalia, West Africa and Yemen held in similar regard and have their shrines in the town.

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  1. Interesting. However there is one thing I do not understand. Are they 'patron saints' in Islam? Or any other 'saints'? I thought not.