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Patrick Musimu

In 2002, after 4 world records set under the regulations of A.I.D.A. and I.A.F.D., Patrick Musimu decided to step out of the free diving federations.
His quest for the unknown lead him to the No Limit category. According to him, this category should not be considered nor used as a sport.

In 2003, Patrick had a dream. The idea was to test and demonstrate human potential far from any commercial and political games. In 2004, when Patrick announced a dive at 200 meters - a depth where is body would be submitted to 21kg/cm2! - the authorities of the Red Sea Government believed in his tremendous project and gave the green light to the most ambitious diving project: The Ultimate Dive.

His approach challenged many commonly held beliefs about "no limit" diving. Is the human body able to cope with such a fast progression?... Moreover, to counter the pressure, Patrick decided to develop and to master The Air Cavity Flooding technique. A method which consists in flooding his middle ears and sinuses with sea water during descent. Unlike any divers around the world Patrick Musimu does not use air any more!

Despite several requests from the board of free diving federation Patrick Musimu refused to have his dive ratified.
Patrick explained: "What sense is there in warranting these dives at the ends of the world in title? What is left to "judge" while, lost at these depths Man discovers something greater than himself?"
Controversy and barriers became daily routine but Patrick remained focused and trained to survive the unknown.

In June 2005, within 3 weeks and only 10 dives Patrick Musimu marked history by diving consecutively to 100, 136, 151, 170, 185 metres, and on the 26 th of June, he finally reached the mythical mark of 200 metres.
On the 30 th of June, his body exhausted forced him to stop after
a dive at 209,6 metres, shattering the deepest human performance registered by almost 40 meters. Never in the diving history, has such a gab between performances been achieved.

Patrick Musimu (born on 12 October 1970 in Kinshasa, Zaire, deseased on 21 July 2011, in Brussels, Belgium) was a Belgian free-diver, Sport Business Mgr, Mkg & Event Mgr, former physiotherapist. On June 30, 2005, he cracked the previous "No Limit" world record in freediving by almost 40 meters, by diving to 209 meters of depth without the use of a breathing apparatus. Following his request, this dive was done without the supervision of the International Association for Freediving agency, from which Patrick Musimu dissociated since 2002. According to him extreme deep free diving should not be considered as a sport but as an adventure.

Musimu began diving in 1999 at the age of 28, intrigued by what he called "dolphin-men". His secret lies in years and years of training and preparation, but special attention should be given to his equalizing technique: instead of equalizing his ears by the regular maneuvers, he floods his air spaces (sinus and middle ears) with seawater before reaching the depth where ordinary equalization would become hard. He had a lung capacity of 9 litres and was able to hold his breath for more than 8 min 33 sec. In Stan Lee's Superhumans, a show on History channel; he claims meditation and yoga to be the reason behind his apparent powers of holding breath. Belgian Freediver Patrick Musimu has reportedly died whilst pool training alone and was found by his Wife and Daughter.

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