Monday, 13 June 2011

Egypt Scuba Challenge

we are The Egyptian divers and Egypt Lovers .. who work in the recreational diving career in Egypt
we decided to break the world Guinness record that is made by Indonesia in 2009 for the biggest number of divers diving together..

we decided to do this record with 3000 divers from all around the world,

our challenge plans to break tow world records in one day.
1st 3000 divers are going to dive all together.
2nd 300 divers are going to make the biggest underwater clean up in the world.

Safety and environment is our primary concern.

New Egypt 2011 is calling every divers in the world who dived or dreamed about diving in the Red Sea, to join us and take chance to be one of those who will make a New World Record, and enjoy the paradise of the Egyptian Red Sea.

EGYPT after 25th of January 2011 really change for the better way and better life.
come to see our new Egypt
come and join us

Pleas complete your info:

 HEPCA'a mail about the event
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Egypt Scuba Challenge

This summer, on the 26th of July 2011, divers from all over the world will attempt to break the world record in carrying out the largest collective dive, right here in Hurghada. The current world record was made on the 17th of August 2009 in Manado, Indonesia. The Indonesian navy managed to have 2486 people dive at the same time at the same location. The “Egypt Scuba Challenge” wants to break this record and is aiming for 3000 divers.

A couple of months ago the “Egyptian Divers Syndicate” came up with the idea and has been working on the organisation of the event in cooperation with HEPCA. We have been looking for a spot that is suitable to hold such a huge amount of divers without any detrimental effect on the environment and have agreed on the outside area of the New Marina in Hurghada.
This location has a large sandy plateau at 12-13 meters depth, which is capable of holding 3000 divers. There is hardly any marine life there, but plenty of rubbish. For this reason we do not only want to break the world record for the largest collective dive, but also the world record for the largest underwater cleanup.

Both records have already been applied for and were accepted by Guinness World Records.

We are asking all dive centres and travel agents operating in the Red Sea to support the event and actively promote it amongst their guests. In order for the event to succeed and reach a participation rate of more than 2486 divers, we all need to work together for it. The world record attempt will help promote tourism in Egypt and, at the same time, raise environmental awareness.

It is very sad to see the amount of rubbish underwater in front of the new marina. There are far more ropes, towels, bottles, cans and plastic than marine life.

Various media and TV channels have already announced their interest to cover the event and make it public on an international level.

If your company is interested in supporting, promoting or taking part in the event, please send an email to We will get you in contact with the organisers, who will provide you with promotional material and ideas.

If you’d like to be part of the world record attempt and are a qualified diver (minimum required level: open water diver) start searching for flights to Egypt and we look forward to seeing you here in July!

For more information please visit us

  +20 65 344 5035
Fax: +20 65 344 6674

Postal address: Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA)
PO Box 104
Red Sea – Egypt

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